The Quickref Cohort (beta)

Morphological data dump from Quicklisp libraries

Quicklisp version 2023-10-21, 545293 programmatic definitions for 404584 symbols.

Cohort generated on Mon Feb 26 18:20:56 2024 GMT+0 with Quickref 4.0 beta 2 "The Aftermath" / Declt 4.0 beta 2 "William Riker".
The cohort archive untars to a db/ directory.

Download the Quickref Cohort

Sample Cohort Statistics

Below are a number of interesting pre-computed statistics on the cohort. Click on the images to enlarge.

Symbol Statistics

Symbol (part) lengths are given in number of characters in the symbol name (sans the package). A symbol's cardinality is the number of dash-separated parts (e.g., "foo-bar" has a cardinality of 2).

Documentation Statistics

Docstring lenths are given in number of characters.

Definitions Statistics